There’s no better way to celebrate people than to appreciate and put them in the spotlight. Few days after I started blogging, I approached her for an interview. She’s quite blunt and unapologetic when it comes to airing her views. She asked why I would want to interview her, and I told her that I desire to celebrate people who have changed lives in their own little way. She was extremely pleased and the interview was booked instantly.
At the appointed time, I went into her office. She sat on a swingy chair with her legs crossed, waiting patiently for me to throw the first question at her. I tried cracking a few jokes just to ease the tension, but she checked the time and stared at me.  Instantly , I grabbed my recorder and my first ever blog interview was launched!


Sandra Ezinne Ukeje is a Nigerian who hails from Abia state. While introducing herself she said, “I’m blessed to have wonderful parents and siblings. They mean so much to me.  I love everything lovable, but can run miles away from anything as awful as body odor. It turns me off!” Continue reading




Oops! There’s so much to do, so much to achieve but time keeps speeding and flying. Sometimes I just want to SCREAM and hold it back for a while, but it keeps ticking.

It has been a BUSY WEEK for me. Working and blogging at the same time has been double HEAT and PLEASURE.  At the same time, this forum has given me the chance to value the concept of time management, discipline, consistency and creativity.  I’ve been telling anyone that cares to listen that I have a blog and the reception has been motivating. I have been giggling like a teenager in love ever since. The experience has been brilliant; from trying to publish contents with little or no grammatical errors, to beating down my anxiety on people’s perception of my posts, it has been great. Continue reading


IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEADall-in-your-head

When I was much younger, I pulled back from a lot of fights. I rather hurt and bear certain pains than talk about it. I swallowed things up and choked on many, while those that hurt me walked around with their heads up.  I was the one who could let others have the bigger share of things. Sometimes I’ll have to manage the leftovers or leave entirely with nothing.  I couldn’t say NO to certain demands because I couldn’t stand up for what I want or believe in.  I wallowed in bull$h*t because I allowed it. I wanted peace so much that I had to sacrifice my own happiness. I was so afraid of being ME. People’s opinion mattered so much. Continue reading


imageThese words—“LET’S END THIS” will always leave a vigorous memory behind . No matter the agreement or how it ended, no one love goodbyes.
You try to clean up all traces, but you can’t seem to wipe off the footprint of certain memories from your mind. Break ups make the sound of love so horrible and painful.

Nevertheless, I think the journey of life is incomplete without love. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it will surely slip into your life. It’s an over flogged ideal, yet we suck up to it. Continue reading



“There are few people who jumped the queue to make it in life and it worked for them, while there are those who had to start all over again because they tried jumping the queue.”

When it comes to art, cutting corners doesn’t work. You must learn the rudiments, stick and work with them. Every form of art comes with a sacrifice. For writers, they must get used to their brain sweating all the time. If you’re a photographer, you have to understand the power of your lens, and for filmmakers they must acknowledge how powerful it is to create something and give life to it. In fact, every form of art or profession has its own challenges. Two days ago I logged in on twitter to feed my mind on beautiful quotes, but was privileged to read series of tweets by a filmmaker. Continue reading


To a great extent, our abilities and true identity lie in our secrets. There you can find what we are capable of, our dark sides, our fears, desire/cravings, and so much more. No matter how free-spirited  we tend to be, there’s always one or two things clamped in our mind that we wouldn’t want anyone to break in and view. I’m yet to see a human being without a secret.

A secret can be a huge burden. Sometimes, you just want to let it all out and be free. Continue reading



Hey, stop calling for a pity party. People fail, and everybody makes mistake. What took me months to learn might take you years to learn. Pull yourself together, work on yourself and come back stronger. I have been through a lot myself, it wasn’t easy for me or anyone for that matter. If I could survive, you too will survive.”- Melle O.

The above was said to me after a very traumatic experience at work.

You see, after a fall three things happenYou either gather enough strength to get back up, find someone who can lend you a helping hand, or you dig the ground some more and bury yourself in self pity and shame. Continue reading