What a candid discussion can do!Placeholder ImageI had a heart to heart discussion last week, with an intelligent lady who used to be my colleague. She resigned few weeks ago, but fate gave us a chance to meet again and that meeting was spectacular.

I’ve always known her as a drama queen, but beyond whom I thought she was lies a real, nice, deep, and creative being. From a distance she seems unapproachable, but if you manage to come close, you’ll realize how lovely and less complicated she is.

I initiated a conversation by telling her that I miss her presence at work and she laughed. She told me she had to leave and concentrate on other things that mean a lot to her. She said no one would understand why people make the kind of choices they make and there can never be a perfect time to make that move. “Sometimes you just have to take that bold step and find out what’s on the other side. Though it was only easier for me to pen down my resignation letter because I have a lot of skills. I am a make up artist, a designer, script writer, production manager, On air personality and can sell anything with my voice. It’s always difficult for people to leave when they have nothing else to fall back on.” She humbly expressed.

I was nodding to everything she was saying because it made and still makes perfect sense to me.

The little conversation I initiated turned into a stream of inspiration. She told me that for a creative person to excel, he/she must mix and work with creative minds, because they will complement each other and see to the success of any given project.

She narrated to me how she once worked in a radio station for a whole year without payment, all for the experience. “How many people would do that?” She querried.

She advised that patience is always key and added that there’s a time set for everyone to shine, and no one should give in to desperation or unhealthy competition.

I asked her what her dream is, she said her innermost desire is to be a role model and mentor to people. To be one of the acclaimed personality who can speak and people will listen. Not JUST because she has a lot to say, but because she has a lot of important and inspiring ideas or thoughts to share.

“You see, knowledge is power. You should be able to know so much for people to respect you. When you don’t know a thing, you can’t suggest anything or oppose what is thrown at you.” She explained.

She looked at me and said, “you need to use whatever platform you have to develop and show yourself to the world. Be known for a right cause. You love writing, why aren’t you blogging?”

It has always been about fear of failure & exposure. Fear of being criticized or laughed at. I looked at her and blamed it on the TIME FACTOR.

For her, that was a flimsy excuse.

“Look, you alone can make out time for what you want to achieve in life. I have learned that successful people don’t sleep too much or while away time. Jot down your ideas anytime they come to your head, put them together and post once you have the slightest opportunity. Don’t be afraid to share them or tell people what you do. No more excuses!”

All I could do was smile. I could sense a deep aura of satisfaction written all over her, because it was a bundle of joy for her to invest her thoughts in another person’s life.

I was grateful I had that discussion with her. I told her that I will start blogging and she has inspired a fellow to pursue what she loves without fear.

That was the discussion that gave birth to “Dnightingale.WordPress. com”

I told myself that I’m going to start blogging, not to impress anyone but to find that joy that lies in what I love.

I hope you find someone who inspires you to do something you love, and I also hope you become an inspiration to others. Above all, I hope this piece inspires you!


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