What do you do with a beautiful morning?


It’s a beautiful day! Even when I don’t know what life will throw at me, I always live by FAITH. Life keeps us in deep suspense, but I try not to allow the fear of the unknown to hold me back. It’s not an easy feat though. Well, I slept quite late, but was the first to rise. The anticipation of what I’ll be sharing with people overwhelmed me.😃

This whole new experience has actually taught me that we are ever ready to live and face each day, ONLY when we look forward to something we’re passionate about.

So, what are looking forward to today?

Personally, I always wake up with a plan. I see every MORNING as an energizing force that can dictate how I will run the entire day. Though sometimes we do wake up with positive vibes, only for one thing or the other to rub a mud on us. Yet, there are people who have such a thick skin that they won’t allow anything or anyone to penetrate and steal their joy away. (I hope to write about that too.Things do get to me easily.)

For every NEW DAWN, here are the things you may want to get used to:

  1. Have a sense of gratitude. Feel your heart beat, and appreciate how golden and unbeatable it is for you to be alive.

  2. Don’t dwell on the past. Embrace the new opportunity and be strategic on how to make today better.

  3. Have a plan, no matter how little or unrealistic it may sound to others. What matters is how much faith you have on these plans and how ready you are to work towards them.

  4. Let go of extra baggage. Drop things that don’t matter. Separate your need from incessant wants. Prioritize!

  5. To make your quest and journey lighter, bear no grudges. Forgive yourself and others. Allow yourself to HEAL.

6.Above all, Learn and do something new today! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be like a free bird(Fly to the right path though)! There’s really no limit to what you can achieve today, and always.

STAY ALIVE. Don’t be a shadow of yourself. Have a wonderful day!


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