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Hey, stop calling for a pity party. People fail, and everybody makes mistake. What took me months to learn might take you years to learn. Pull yourself together, work on yourself and come back stronger. I have been through a lot myself, it wasn’t easy for me or anyone for that matter. If I could survive, you too will survive.”- Melle O.

The above was said to me after a very traumatic experience at work.

You see, after a fall three things happenYou either gather enough strength to get back up, find someone who can lend you a helping hand, or you dig the ground some more and bury yourself in self pity and shame.

Failure is a bitter pill, hence majority fears it. However, it can also be a saving grace. It’s always a moment of truth and reality. Trying times test your intellect, strength and ability. It tests your courage a whole lot, and ends up showing you the vast  DIFFERENCE between friends and TRUE friends. At your lowest point when the blows of life is toiling with your emotions, that’s when you will know those who truly care.

Ironically, the people we don’t spend much time with, trust or consider as good friends can be those that genuinely care for us, while those we eat and dine with on a daily basis maybe the ants thriving to eat our butts off.You see them as safe havens while some of them are busy getting the matchbox, just to create hell for you.

So when next you fall or fail, look at those that passes you by, MARK those that stretched their hands to help you and those who were in a haste to leave you behind. Learn from the bitter experience and come back wiser and stronger. NEVER forget those who stood by your side. Share your laughter with them, because they shared in your pain.

Finally, when it comes to survival, the best option remains the ability for one to dust him/herself up and rise again. The world is so busy and crowded that when people wail, only few may stop to know where the cry of distress is coming from. Life is like a moving train; it stops for no one and those in it thrives to move at its pace. Learn to survive on your own. It will save you from lots of heart ache.

Stay strong and fight till the end. May we rise above our challenges, and excel beyond our expectation. God bless the good hearts!


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