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To a great extent, our abilities and true identity lie in our secrets. There you can find what we are capable of, our dark sides, our fears, desire/cravings, and so much more. No matter how free-spirited  we tend to be, there’s always one or two things clamped in our mind that we wouldn’t want anyone to break in and view. I’m yet to see a human being without a secret.

A secret can be a huge burden. Sometimes, you just want to let it all out and be free. It really takes a lot of guts to share a secret. It’s like walking naked in the presence of another or giving the world a free ticket to your concert (Your life). Sharing them with the people you trust and those who truly care works like a therapy, because they will end up freeing you from that long cage of fear and anxiety. They won’t judge or see you differently. But if you’re unfortunate and share it with the wrong one or set of people, that can leave you in a worse state where you might end up being a prisoner to guilt and their analysis.

Personally, I think some things are better left unsaid. Sometimes, digging up stuffs is like throwing dirt on a clean slate. In a bid to be free, you might just end up being entangled in ropes of regret and people’s judgment if you’re not careful. So before you let anyone in on your secrets, ask yourself these questions:
How mature and reliable is this person I want to share my thoughts with? Can he or she handle the truth? Would this decision of mine change things for the better? Do I owe this person this part of my life? Will this person hold this moment of truth against me? In addition, have you shared anything with this person in the past and do you find him or her trustworthy to keep a secret? Does h/she often discuss other people’s affair with you, especially those that confides in him or her? Think carefully about it and make sure you’ve made peace with the possible outcomes before you proceed.

Nevertheless, a life full of too many secrets can be overbearing. For your own peace of mind, don’t do things you’re not proud of. Say the truth all the time, because even the little white lies can complicate issues. Speak up on time and don’t let a simple scenario flip into a secret archive. What you hide controls you! Also, before you encourage a fellow to divulge his or her innermost thoughts to you, understand that you’re about adding a part of someone else’s life to yours. Make sure you can handle the truth or keep h/her secrets sacred. Don’t promise what you can’t fulfill or better still, stick to this advice–>“It is better to have your nose in a book than in someone else’s business.”- Adam Stanley


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