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“There are few people who jumped the queue to make it in life and it worked for them, while there are those who had to start all over again because they tried jumping the queue.”

When it comes to art, cutting corners doesn’t work. You must learn the rudiments, stick and work with them. Every form of art comes with a sacrifice. For writers, they must get used to their brain sweating all the time. If you’re a photographer, you have to understand the power of your lens, and for filmmakers they must acknowledge how powerful it is to create something and give life to it. In fact, every form of art or profession has its own challenges. Two days ago I logged in on twitter to feed my mind on beautiful quotes, but was privileged to read series of tweets by a filmmaker.

I found those tweets informative, hence I asked for his permission to post it on my blog and he accepted. Below are the tweets laid down by this filmmaker for aspiring movie producers. Absorb the contents.

  1. There are four (4) people you gotta convince when starting out: YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER/CLIENT, and YOUR AUDIENCE.

  2. When YOU have identified that you want to be a filmmaker, you must get to the point in your heart where you are at peace with your decision.

  3. You are going to need your faith on this journey because the travails you will encounter will be endless, so you must have faith.

  4. Filmmaking in the end is a lonely process. The filmmaker is always left alone and judged forever.

  5. You are more likely going to be depressed… people will question your abilities, intentions, and intelligence. They will judge you.

  6. You need to be strong, because when you persevere you will be so successful that it will look like a lie.

  7. Everyone in YOUR FAMILY at one point will think you’re crazy. They will buy you Tuesday Guardian and have an intervention.

  8. You will not convince your family by talking. You have to show them by making a film.

  9. Your family’s concern is borne out of love. So they think you are making a mistake. They will only believe you when they see the end credits.

  10. Again you must persevere. Once your family begins to support you, they’ll brag to all their friends about you. Don’t lose faith.

  11. Then for your CLIENT/PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER, to convince this set of people is hard but the easiest way is to show them and to watch “Dragon’s Den”.

  12. “Dragon’s Den” is a show where entrepreneurs pitch ideas to funders in a limited time. You have to learn that.

  13. Sometimes the only chance you’ll get is 2 minutes. What is your show/film idea about? Practice pitching.

  14. If you assume people will give you a chance JUST because you’re brilliant, you are a dreamer. You have to make them give you a chance

  15. If your show reel will get you in the door, your pitch will keep you in the building.

  16. Once you successfully convince the guys that sign the cheques, you are one step to salvation.

  17. When offered two projects, ALWAYS choose the one with more traction even if it’s less money.

  18. Know your AUDIENCE. You have to respect these people. They can build you up or completely destroy you. Never assume they are dumb! Never!

  19. The most important people in filmmaking are the audience. Make films for your audience NOT yourself.

  20. Actively build a niche for the type of films you make and make sure you regularly feed your audience with new offerings.

  21. Finally, when you stand on that stage clutching the award, thank everyone that supported you and those that didn’t. You need both.

  22. Most importantly, never let criticism get to your heart or compliments get to your head. FOCUS on being better!

CREDIT: Imoh Umoren

Imoh Umoren is a TV Producer/Filmmaker and has experience in all genres such as Movies, Documentaries, Commercials, Music Videos, etc.

To view the trailer of his latest feature film titled “The Happyness Limited”, follow him on Twitter @ImohUmoren or go to https://www.youtube.com/user/ImohMajorBoy

Information they say is power, but what you decide to do with it takes the crown. #StayInformed.


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