Home » Random Thoughts » ANY SWEET LEMON IN BREAK UPS?


imageThese words—“LET’S END THIS” will always leave a vigorous memory behind . No matter the agreement or how it ended, no one love goodbyes.
You try to clean up all traces, but you can’t seem to wipe off the footprint of certain memories from your mind. Break ups make the sound of love so horrible and painful.

Nevertheless, I think the journey of life is incomplete without love. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it will surely slip into your life. It’s an over flogged ideal, yet we suck up to it. It comes along and sweep you off your feet. It gives you a whole new world, knock you back to life, and you could swear the feeling is GOLDEN, so innocent and unbelievable. Love makes you both poetic and philosophical, and before you could internalize its sweetness, Boom! challenges spring up. Like a heavy drainer, it drains the sweet feeling and the bundle of joy (For some people) starts to wear off.

You fight, break down, your emotions go haywire and you could feel the world turning upside down. This minute it’s over, the other minute it’s irresistible. You become like a child. You fight to take a decision, struggle to get back on your feet and wear your pride again… but how can the mind take a stand when it’s perplexed?
Before you know it, you’re torn in between this burning desire and the voice of reasoning. You end up asking yourself over and over again, what’s this flame called love?
Why is it so difficult to control what beats inside of us (the heart)?
Why is love such a beautiful thing, yet confusing?

The bitter truth remains, people fail and hurt each other, not love. It’s easier for some people to FALL in love than STAY in love. We walk around with different definitions of what love is. Hence, different ideologies make it difficult for two people to hold on and fight the odds when they creep in. I think it’s safer to understand that just like life, love comes with its own ache. There are times when you might be tempted to sacrifice some of your principles. There are also times when you’ll question your own intelligence and strength. There are times when you will be tasked with taking the easy way out(leaving) or giving it one more try. But whatever you do, don’t lose yourself.

Relationships can start out so simple, only to become twisted and complicated when you least expected. So don’t expect FOREVER with everyone. Challenges abound and there are times when all could be left is nothing but thoughts of leaving everything behind, while a time will come when you’ll find that rare and beautiful soul who’s willing to stake all for you and will encourage you to do the same.
It always take two to tango. So don’t fight it if it’s over. It might take days, weeks, months or even years for you to move on, but be rest assured you’ll survive it. Then again, don’t be too quick to lean into the next available arms . So many people out there are wearing the placard of love, but are deeply lost in lust! Be mindful of your choices. You jump right in, you either excel in it or struggle to crawl out. Love/relationship is no child’s play.


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