Oops! There’s so much to do, so much to achieve but time keeps speeding and flying. Sometimes I just want to SCREAM and hold it back for a while, but it keeps ticking.

It has been a BUSY WEEK for me. Working and blogging at the same time has been double HEAT and PLEASURE.  At the same time, this forum has given me the chance to value the concept of time management, discipline, consistency and creativity.  I’ve been telling anyone that cares to listen that I have a blog and the reception has been motivating. I have been giggling like a teenager in love ever since. The experience has been brilliant; from trying to publish contents with little or no grammatical errors, to beating down my anxiety on people’s perception of my posts, it has been great.

Alright, tomorrow is another day. As usual, the long six hours radio belt is on me. Last week I promised to give my listeners update on my new found interest, which is: TOURING THE WORLD THROUGH THE INTERNET. Yeah, it’s always good for one to start with what he or she has. Since I don’t have enough money to tour the world, I rather use my data to achieve it for now.

One of my greatest desires is to travel to different parts of the world, get a feel of other people’s culture, lifestyle and EVERYTHING. So, you can be a part of this dream of mine. Kindly send me a write up about your country, hometown or state. If you can teach me one or two things in your language, I’ll gladly absorb it. Let’s connect, wherever you’re from. Kindly contact me if you’re interested.

I can’t wait to share the information with my listeners. This is another area of interest I desire to EXPLORE. We keep soaring!


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