“Our elders may be mischievous and a letdown in their actions, but regardless we must respect them. Feel free to take your own stand, but two wrongs don’t make a right”– DJ REE 


We tend to struggle so much with discipline, mutual respect and understanding. Respect actually goes beyond familiarity. It’s what we owe to everyone regardless of their race, age or levels in life. Therefore, emotional intelligence and maturity is one way we can co-exist without crying foul or stepping on each other toes.

I strongly believe that nothing outweighs this simple rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Some people are actually born with a selfish gene; they want to eat their cake and have it.They walk around waiting on others to hold the veil of their clothes. They want you to laugh out loud when they pinch you, and they want to be respected in all ramifications even when they can’t give a quota of what they are asking for.

Now my questions are: When we complain of being insulted or disrespected, did we call the first shot? Are we the ones pressing other people’s button expecting them to keep calm and not react? Can you conquer the world of others when you’ve not conquered yours? Do every elder deserves an ample of our respect? Do we keep honoring those who can’t give a pinch of what we’ve been dishing out?

I don’t know about you, but I think its heart aching when people spite you and hide behind their age and relationship with you.  It’s annoying when you want to express yourself and someone pulls the placard that reads. “Listen, I’m older than you.”

Does this mean that those with grey hairs are wiser and should be considered right at all times? Of course not! All that matters is not the size of a container, but the content in it. How much we can offer has little or nothing to do with our age. What makes us wiser are the lessons we’ve garnered through our experiences, not how many birthdays we’ve celebrated. So don’t be quick to shut down the opinion of others because you’re older, wealthier or powerful. Wisdom doesn’t rest on the shoulder of one person.

Don’t forget, no one is a robot… both the young and old have blood running through their veins. We all have feelings, we can get agitated, and can actually react in the same measure we are being treated. Don’t spit foul words expecting others to lick them like it’s some sort of chocolate. Respect other people’s opinion if you want yours to be respected, because there’s no way you can run on a slippery ground expecting not to fall. Even though you can escape it sometimes.

The act of respect should be shown in your work, your carriage, and life principles. Above all, don’t give what you can’t take, and don’t expect what you can’t give! Respect is reciprocal.


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