Phew! I’m used to having busy days, but last week was something else.

I came to work on Tuesday(1/11/2016) to produce one of the top-notch  programmes, and an unavoidable event popped up. My plan for that day was to see to the success of the programme, publish something beautiful on my blog, tour through the internet and prepare for my Saturday show. But as usual, life will always remind you to expect the unexpected.

In the midst of the programme, my colleague whispered to me that the General Manager had instructed we go for a training workshop and represent the company, since she had to attend to another seminar  outside town. “Actually she informed me yesterday, but I forgot to tell you. On the other hand, I don’t think I will be going, because I’m not prepared,” She explained.

I was thrown off-balance  and nearly played queued adverts at the wrong time. I hate being taken unawares. I know you might be asking “Who plans everything in life?”  Well, I try as much as I can to plan my movements. Yes, I know there are things beyond our control, but this is one of the things I would have dedicated enough time to plan.

“What if we’re called to make a speech on behalf of our boss and the company we’re representing? What are we going to do? Blab or go dumb?”, I asked my colleague.

Nevertheless, we agreed that since it’s a 2 day workshop, we could skip that day and go the next day. The programmes manager overheard us and made it clear that we can’t miss any of the days assigned for the seminar. “One of you must represent our organization, and don’t forget the GM made that call. You guys should know what that means.” She opined.

After much deliberation, we both decided to hit the ground running. On our way the GM called me. “I’ve received several messages from the organizers that they’ve not seen any of my representatives. What happened?, She queried.

My jaw dropped. I could smell trouble.

“Ma, actually we’re on our way. In Fact, we’re almost there.” I stammered.

I didn’t have to explain to my colleague what that means. we knew a query could follow that call, because such unprofessional act turns her(The GM) off. My colleague had to spin the wheels a little more faster. We got there and the Zonal director looked at us and commended us on our punctuality. We knew she was being sarcastic, because we arrived late. But you remember what they say: “it’s better late than never.”

We registered our names and was given some documents. We were panting and sweating like we finished a long race. One of the ushers ushered us on in and we kept murmuring to ourselves in total anxiety.

You see, one remarkable thing about working in a media house is  you must get used to uncertainties. You must be flexible, spontaneous, vast, knowledgable, and prepared to cover any shift, event or subject of discussion. Your employer believes you have an idea of almost all the things happening round the globe. In fact, they trust you can work under pressure and you can handle surprises quite well. Truth is, you must be born ready if you want to survive in any media organization. Anything can happen, and you must deliver.

We encouraged each other and decided to go with the flow of the event. I knew we have our reputation to redeem for coming in late and we can’t afford a blunder in the presence of our competitors and large audience. So in the midst of the presentations, I was writing and preparing for that moment that fears us.(being called upon to talk about the event).

Each time the host stepped up to make an announcement, we clung to the edge of our seats. Others had no idea what we were going through.

After some lovely presentations which we actually didn’t enjoy because anxiety was hovering around us, we received our meal tickets for lunch. With that, we calmed our nerves and chilled a little bit.

My colleague had to leave at some point because of some unavoidable event, and all I was left with was well coordinated  strangers. I felt lonely and uncomfortable, since I barely go out and I’m not used to being in a large crowd. Talking on radio or working behind the scenes as a producer is much easier and better for me.

As a matter of fact, it was my FIRST time attending a training workshop.

After a while, I looked at others and saw how happy, grateful and free they were. I braced up and asked myself “Nikky, Why can’t you enjoy this moment? Look at the calibre of people here, the resource individuals and the golden opportunity to learn and be informed. Why not make the best of this moment, network and stop dwelling on the what ifs?”

Those thoughts came through and my anxieties slipped out through the doors of my heart, gone for good! I began to feel and appreciate the presence of the people around me; many I would have paid a fortune to meet. Fortunately, there I was seated close to some of them. I’m not too vocal, but I had to do a little bit of networking. I exchanged contact with resourceful individuals and told them about my platforms(my radio show and blog).  I was both free and grateful for the great opportunity handed to me on a platter of gold.

Then I realized that fear cripples dream. Fear doubles problem and creates what’s not in existence. Fear is the utmost limitation in life.

So what has this experience taught me?

*Beautiful things and people sometimes don’t walk in on us, they jump in on us!

*If you’re in a professional environment or whenever you find yourself into one(Both as an employee or employer), always be ready and prepared. Anything can pop up at the last minute.

  • Majority of life turning events hit us unexpectedly. You just have to understand that life may not give you enough time to prepare for everything. So, learn to go with the flow.

  • when we fear and worry too much, beautiful moments pass us by.

  • Whatever that is being thrown at you, make the most of it. You know what they say, “when life throw lemons at you, make lemonade!”

  • Never underestimate yourself. Never say never. I never knew I could meet the calibre of people I met, take photographs with them or even talk to them. All these happened in one single event.

*Communicate! Reach out to people. Be the one to break the ice. A simple hello could lead to many beautiful things.

  • Above all, always wear a smile. It attracts positive people.

At the end of the day, what looked like a mission impossible turned out to be a memorable and beautiful event. Someday,  I will share the theme of the seminar  and tips shared by experts who were present.

Until then, Keep LIVING and don’t be afraid to embrace change and opportunities. Sometimes, they don’t knock twice. Stay alert because yours might just be in the corner waiting to startle you. When it does, make good use of it and don’t trip.


4 thoughts on “THE EXPERIENCE

  1. Wow! I enjoyed every bit of it!*Communicate! Reach out to people. Be the one to break the ice. A simple hello could lead to many beautiful things*Word!

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