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Stars twinkle and shine together, because a single star can’t occupy the whole sky. This reminds me of how much we can achieve if we can come together, appreciate our differences and pursue our goals in full force. Competition can be a catalyst for growth only when it is healthy.

Undoubtedly, we all want to forge ahead, stand firm and not be relegated to the background. This can only be achieved by investing so much in our abilities, walking in our own lane and not speeding to overtake, overthrown, overshadow, or pull others down.

It’s true we’re stuck in the same universe, but our journeys are indeed different. It’s an individual race and you don’t need to run it with baggage of insecurities. Greed, jealousy, hate and unhealthy competitions are very toxic and only show signs of weakness, lack of control or confidence. You don’t judge another man’s success or means of achievement with yours. we all can’t get to our destinations at the same time. Some will get to their dream land on time while others will catch up later.

Survival shouldn’t be a do-or-die affair. Respect other people’s hustle, appreciate what they have to offer, learn from them, be happy when they excel, and believe in your own dream and struggles. Carve a niche for yourself, because someone out there is searching earnestly for what you can offer. People will come to you for that special thing you have that the next person doesn’t have, and they will also go to others because of those special stuffs you lack. This is because we can’t have it all or do all things.

On the run way, different models grace the stage because they have different things to offer. Certainly, we may share the same value, have an equal opportunity, be in the same profession, but we can never be the same . WE ARE DIFFERENT. So it’s time for you to place your insecurities in a trash can; you don’t need them. Don’t be perturbed by another man’s success. Be motivated, not envious. Fight your own battles, focus on your own journey and don’t be distracted by the deeds of other people.

Everybody is a work in progress. Have your own style and know what works for you. Distinguish yourself from others and grow at your own pace. If this is your moment, enjoy it. If it’s theirs, don’t try to steal the spotlight. The universe is such a large space that it can accommodate everyone’s dream, passion and burning desires. We are UNIQUE STARS and we shine brighter when we come together.

Let’s Shine on!


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