imageThere are different kinds of people. There are those who take in every breath and breathe out gratitude, no matter what life throws at them. Such people don’t break easily. Far from getting everything they desire or reaching the height of their dreams, they keep living large. Life in its entire strictness has nothing on them. I know you’ll be wondering, “How do they do it?” What’s the magic behind their ability to wear a smile and laugh out loud even when the hardness of life tries to break them into pieces?

It’s GRATITUDE; the rare ability to allow the beauty of life becloud its difficulties. It’s that power that allows you to say thanks for the smallest of offer or kindness you receive. It’s the sense of fulfillment and contentment that weakens the torture of life.

You see, gratitude is a spiritual habit. It comes from within. When it’s pure, it frees us from incessant demands. It gives us this sense of freedom, peace and happiness. A heart full of gratitude barely stays in need because it appreciates every little thing that life could offer. A grateful heart sees potential in everything and believes that an abandoned garden can be watered back to life. It has a way of making something invisible so visible.

I am one of those who believe in the game of wanting more. You give me a peck; I’ll itch for a kiss. You blow me a kiss; I reach out for a warm long hug. You give me a hug, I want something extra and the list goes on. Just like many others, I have this strong and unwavering feeling that wanting MORE broaden the chances of fulfillment. But how can we get more if we’re not appreciative of the little we have?

Ironically, we don’t get much by wanting more. We dive into more when we are open-minded and grateful for the little or much we presently have. Don’t get it twisted, being grateful is not the end of ambition, but it should be the act of pursuing your dreams with a mind as gentle and pure as a dove.

Look at it this way, if you give a fellow two cents and he frowns at it because he feels it’s not much, will you give him more? If you see an unemployed fellow and give him the position of a security officer, and he hisses at the offer because he’s looking for something bigger, will you squeeze him in? Life sees every bit of our greed, insecurities, desires and happiness. The universe doesn’t stare at our faces; it searches our mind and scores us from within.

If you really want more, be more grateful. Oliver twist doesn’t really play out in real life. Some people scorn at ingratitude and maybe life frowns at it too. Whoever is your savior and whatever is your stream of income; be grateful to that person and that thing. If you’re still looking for a reason to be grateful; feel your heartbeat and see if you can pay for every single air you take in.

I am guilty of ingratitude, I am guilty of trying to clinch on bigger portion of things, and we are all guilty of desiring so much from life that we miss out on the true magnet of success – GRATITUDE. The rich wants to get richer and an influential man wants to be the unbeatable! We keep rolling round the circles. Why not say THANK YOU more than you complain, and see how things might just turn around for good.

I maintain that “you can PURELY get what you need by continuous appreciation of what you already have… in #SureSpirit.

Now tell me, are you the whining little soul or the free-spirited mind that rises and soar in happiness?

Thanks for reading this piece! initiated by Ree, but Developed by Nikky. 

Ree is a deep thinker who believes that the good and bad are hovering round the universe harmoniously. He believes that the best approach to life is that of a positive chameleon, so adapt to your environment. If the world is going crazy, go crazy with it fearlessly! Anything that is done void of fear can be proven right if conceived in the warm hands of love and faith. Twitter handle: @djreethemanager



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