imageThere are different sources to every fortune. When one door closes, there’s another path waiting to push you further and farther in life. Nothing ever empties completely on the face of this earth.

The young ones keep growing while the older ones draw closer to their grave. While some people are mourning over the loss of their loved ones, others are feeling the joy that comes with birth.

Life is more like an exchange. You’re either receiving, giving, gaining, losing, living or dying. The moment you’re taking a breath of fresh air, some other person is breathing his or her last. It’s certain that you can’t understand the beautiful bliss that comes with happiness if you’ve never been under the knife of sorrows.

Let’s reflect on the invisible joy or advantages that come with loss. It sounds strange, but nothing is entirely good or bad. A pinch of evil can still be found in something we consider faultless, and vice versa.

Whenever we lose a fortune, life seems to become dark and treacherous; we often feel like we’ve reached a dead-end or a point of no return. We tend to gnash our teeth, beat ourselves up, bury our hopes and curse our existence .For many, certain things and people are simply irreplaceable, but is there anything or anyone in life that is irreplaceable?

Reality check proves beyond words that life doesn’t make you the owner of anything; not even your own life because you can’t control all that happens to you. You are only a custodian to everything you own. Your savings can be squashed within split of seconds, the box of gold can be hijacked, opportunities are being lost on daily basis, and what’s appealing today can be repulsive tomorrow.

Therefore, losing shouldn’t pierce your heart or scorch your soul so much. You can only see a replacement, a new fortune, glory, and phase clearly when your eyes are not flooded with tears. To embrace change and greater heights, you must believe in the power of change.

You don’t venture into something and arrive with EVERYTHING or EVERYONE you started with. Just like a tree, some leaves will fall at some point and make way for greener and fresher ones to grow. In this adventurous journey of life, you lose some on the way and gain more as you march on.

Don’t waddle or wallow in your loss. Losing something or someone precious can make us vulnerable, but it can also create a deep urge and determination to survive, multiply, recreate, and restore whatever we must have lost in thousand folds.

A deep loss opens our mind and stifles the unnecessary entitlement we attach to things. It makes us appreciate what we have and helps us not to count so much on anything or anybody. It teaches us to see everything as a phase that will change, pass or wither away.

You can’t journey through noon and nightfall without bidding the morning dews goodbye. The only reason why the future swallows up the past is because: so much more lies ahead. What we’ve lost is infinitesimal compared to what the future holds.

To gain, one must aim at losing happily in one form or the other… for the gain flow isn’t a possession but an effective flow channel, engineered by “Letting go.”

Things keep changing; the world keeps evolving, revolution is always at its peak, we keep losing, gaining, and aging. Life keeps happening to us, and in the end nothing lasts forever!

Thanks for reading this piece! Initiated by  Ree, but Developed by Nikky.

 Ree is a deep thinker who believes that the good and bad are hovering round the universe harmoniously. He believes that the best approach to life is that of a positive chameleon, so adapt to your environment. If the world is going crazy, go crazy with it fearlessly! Anything that is done void of fear can be proven right if conceived in the warm hands of love and faith. Twitter handle: @djreethemanager


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