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When the mind is at war with the heart, air becomes suffocating.
So sad, last night became the last time. All that is left are the memories of the usual spot.

I woke up with my eyes shut. Afraid to face reality; so scared to revisit the thoughts that put me to bed. What do you do with unpleasant memories? Burn or crush them?
Unfortunately, Just like the wind you can’t catch them.
They keep hovering around and won’t leave your head.

Who takes the blame after a fight?
Do you push it on one fellow or blame it on the overflowing emotions?
Really, who should take the blame when anger takes over?
Is it the tipsy brain or the impatient mind?

Fighting with a loved one is both painful and exhausting.
You spill the wrong things, dish out the most hurtful words, throw tantrums, yell at each other, cross the line, retire to a miserable state, and still can’t turn back the hands of time. You keep wishing it never happened and sometimes you live in denial.

Anger is such a cruel b*tch! It bursts the heart into flame. Whenever it roars, it fuels negative energy and causes heartburn. The next time anger wants to cruise in, try silence.
Remember, whenever you hit a loved one, he or she will feel the pain but you will be left with a sore heart and no satisfaction at the end.

Nevertheless, don’t let the feeling of guilt take over. Work on your weaknesses and be a better person. When all seems to be gone with the wind, hope doesn’t leave.
The gloomy night is gone with yesterday. Say hello to a new dawn!


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