No more jungle bell, it’s Jingle bells baby!

Personally, I look beyond the gifts. What’s Christmas without the comfort and support of your loved ones? All I ever wanted for Christmas is joy, love, peace, and unity and that’s what I’m having. Being with my family, sharing good message with people and watching others jubilate are great Christmas hampers.

Didn’t catch enough sleep last night because the jingle bells were so loud. Happiness has a way of bending so many rules. Continue reading




When at dusk the sun sets
The heart fears not
And the eyes shed no tears
’tis a sunset at noonday we mourn.

When the hen comes home to roost,
After the kitchen’s been put to use –
It finds the kitchen warm and friendly to its breast
’tis an early return that earns it a chase. Continue reading



Today I stumbled upon an article or a detailed response written by Vivek Mehta. Normally, I don’t depend on my intellects alone. I research, read other people’s write-ups, and seek for answers beyond my instinct.

It’s a credible piece. The only reason why I won’t tag it perfect, is because nothing in life is without mistakes or a little fault.

Here’s his response to a young individual who feels life is not worth living anymore. I hope this piece revives you.

This is going to be a long answer. I sincerely hope you understand what I am trying to say when I’m done writing.
It is so easy to shift responsibility on forces you cannot control – isn’t it? It’s so easy to point a finger at someone and say, “You’re at fault!” It is so easy to move away from a disaster, to run away from the scene saying “I had nothing to do with it”, and then continue living your life as if nothing happened. It is so damn easy to go under your blanket, claiming innocence, saying whatever’s happening to you and around you are not your fault; that the misery that you see around you was not a product of your actions.
Do you know what’s hard? Accepting responsibility for your actions and facing the consequences. Continue reading



Is life getting easier or more difficult? Are we walking, rolling, or skating on broken glasses?

There are beautiful people around us, but in their midst are pathetic and helpless people. I see weak people every day. I see those that are tired of breathing.

They wake up each day, wishing for death and also hoping they could find a reason to live again.
They want to end it all but can’t. They toss around their broken and shattered lives, with a voice too faint to scream. Continue reading



Beautiful as sunset after the rains – mild and tender
Finely shaped as a master craft-man’s masterpiece
Strong willed – she never says never
Every woman is awesome from my mother to my little niece

She blooms as a flower
Like mornings she rises
She shines, she ‘glowers’
And soon every heart she entices

Sooner still evening comes
And she goes to sleep just as fast
And she just as fast, fades
The bloom’s only for a moment

You are beautiful I know
But your beauty isn’t a ware to be hawked
You are curvy and sexy I know
But you aren’t a piece to be sold Continue reading



Do you get highly agitated when things don’t occur when you want them to happen? If at all you do, does your impatience solve your problems or does it multiply them?

I think most of the mistakes I have made in life are out of impatience. I have been holding onto the “now or never” syndrome for so long. But series of experience keep teaching me that “now or later” also works. The fear of losing an opportunity fuels my impatience and leaves me desperate. When I desire something, tomorrow seems to be far away. Waiting seems to be a mission impossible. I do all it takes to have it. I would want to talk that talk or make that move instantly. I’m always eager to get things over and done with. I ignore every second thought, advice or suggestions. For me, it’s either now or never.

This act of impatience has failed more than it has worked for me. Most of the time it makes me produce half bake things or run into the wrong track. I end up going back to the drawing board, starting afresh or regretting what my impatience has caused me. Continue reading