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Do you get highly agitated when things don’t occur when you want them to happen? If at all you do, does your impatience solve your problems or does it multiply them?

I think most of the mistakes I have made in life are out of impatience. I have been holding onto the “now or never” syndrome for so long. But series of experience keep teaching me that “now or later” also works. The fear of losing an opportunity fuels my impatience and leaves me desperate. When I desire something, tomorrow seems to be far away. Waiting seems to be a mission impossible. I do all it takes to have it. I would want to talk that talk or make that move instantly. I’m always eager to get things over and done with. I ignore every second thought, advice or suggestions. For me, it’s either now or never.

This act of impatience has failed more than it has worked for me. Most of the time it makes me produce half bake things or run into the wrong track. I end up going back to the drawing board, starting afresh or regretting what my impatience has caused me.

Impatience tags desperation along. For an impatient man, a single day is like a year in his presence. Asking him to wait for a short while is like telling him to wait for eternity. If he wants a discussion now, don’t tell him later. If he desires money, don’t preach about holding on. When he starts up a business, he wants to make profit instantly. He doesn’t want to take baby steps, rather he wants to fly without learning how to crawl or walk. But that’s unhealthy, because being a goal getter is quite different from being a desperado.

With a recent event that happened in my life, I have learned to give things a little bit of time before I jump on them or discard them. I’m not against the phenomenon of “Doing it now” but I also advocate for “Doing it right” Think things through before you forge ahead. Give your ideas and people time. If what you want doesn’t happen right away, the world won’t collapse. If you don’t have that discussion now, you won’t go dumb. If you don’t get the answer to your questions today, you will find it later. If you don’t travel today, the city or country will still be there tomorrow. If you don’t pour out your heart to him or her today, you can still do it tomorrow. Everything doesn’t start and end NOW.

Sometimes when those around you say wait, please pause a bit. The earth won’t seize to be the third planet from the sun if you wait a little longer. Stop thinking everything will pass you by if you don’t meet your target instantly. Trying to do everything and achieve all at once leaves us with little or no achievement in the end.

I believe the rate of mistakes will be minimized if we learn to be calm and patient with ourselves. Patience is a great virtue that should be embraced by all. Patience is that ability to keep calm, wait sanely even when it seems a great tsunami is around the corner. It’s the ability to find peace within, calculate and wait for things to unveil. It’s the overwhelming grace to understand that there’s time for everything and we can’t have it all at once. Patience saves us from regret. It gives us ample time to figure out the best way to tackle a problem. Patience gives us the golden opportunity to choose the right track, make the best move and the right choices.

Don’t get it twisted. Deliberations and patience don’t mean procrastination. Procrastination is when you constantly look for excuses why things can’t be done. It’s when  you’re too lazy to lift your hands and work things out or think positively on how a project or dream can be achieved. Procrastination is that awkward joy of postponing events. With procrastination, you are not looking for the reasons or the right way to achieve something; rather you’re looking for excuses why it shouldn’t be done. It’s simply sheer laziness.

Therefore, create the right balance in all you do. Don’t delve into things without a thorough plan and thoughts, and don’t think or analyze forever before pursuing a cause. I understand that this moment right here matters but we can’t do everything with it. It’s only one magical breath away. As long as we’re alive, we can always do more. Today can be a beginning or an end of something beautiful, but always believe in the future.

Deliberate but don’t procrastinate. Be determined but not desperate. If you can’t have that stuff now, tomorrow is another day. Stop fidgeting, be calm and all will be well. Take life easy, take things easy, and be easy on yourself. This moment is vital, but more will come.


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