Is life getting easier or more difficult? Are we walking, rolling, or skating on broken glasses?

There are beautiful people around us, but in their midst are pathetic and helpless people. I see weak people every day. I see those that are tired of breathing.

They wake up each day, wishing for death and also hoping they could find a reason to live again.
They want to end it all but can’t. They toss around their broken and shattered lives, with a voice too faint to scream.

They bleed each day, yet life shows no mercy. The more they try to get a grip on faith, the more fate clamps down on them. But more than anything in the world, they just want to live. They don’t want all the riches, just a daily bread. They’re not looking for the finest robe, but something that can cover their nakedness. They’re not looking for recognition; they just truly want to exist. Some of them walk around, murmuring and talking with the wind. Every bit of sanity in them is gone. Depression has taken over and suicide beckons on them.


People like me tell them to smile amidst tears. I preach to them to carry on even with an empty stomach. I talk to them about inspiration even when I know they can’t keep body and soul together.

I ask, how exactly do I convince them that life is beautiful when all they get are tough blows, agony and pain? How do I tell them to hold on when life is not even static. This moment it’s rosy and the next moment it’s as painful as hell?

How I wish life can be fair and just to all.
Why do we have to laugh today and cry tomorrow?
Why can’t something good be permanent, and everything bad gone for good?
Why were we born in the first place if at the end we’ll still crash to nothing but ashes?

Then again, I won’t tell you to give up.
I won’t give up, and you shouldn’t give up. We can always create a little paradise for ourselves. I don’t know how, but I’m sure wherever the sadness is coming from, happiness can come from there too.

We just need to find the key. Maybe the key is patience, maybe it’s love, maybe it’s prayer, kindness or a pinch of all these and many more.
But whatever the key is, I hope you hold on a little longer. I can’t say I know how best you can live this life, but I’m sure your purpose will drive you against all odds.  Fight the suicidal thoughts. Don’t end it all, please.


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