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No more jungle bell, it’s Jingle bells baby!

Personally, I look beyond the gifts. What’s Christmas without the comfort and support of your loved ones? All I ever wanted for Christmas is joy, love, peace, and unity and that’s what I’m having. Being with my family, sharing good message with people and watching others jubilate are great Christmas hampers.

Didn’t catch enough sleep last night because the jingle bells were so loud. Happiness has a way of bending so many rules. It can keep you awake counting and laughing with stars. Happiness can make you scream out loud even when the silent night is seeking for peace. Happiness is what makes you approach an enemy like he’s a friend. Because once the heart is happy, we tend to exude so much innocence. We get to feel like a child who has no worry or intent of hurting a soul.

Yesterday, The young boys in my neighborhood sought for my family’s assistance to stage an all night street party in celebration of Christmas . Without a second thought we extended our support. Amazingly, the buzz and jams from the DJ kept me awake all night. For once, noise was beautiful. We all stood at the balcony and encouraged the dancers. Yes, nothing gives a DJ joy than seeing happy people dancing to his mix.

The street was filled with a beautiful ambience. One that reflects unity, love and youthfulness. The light of our delightful hearts chased darkness away. We turned the midnight silence into a broad day light.

Can everyday just be Christmas? Oh yes, it can. Live each day with a great positive energy and make every moment count. Merry Christmas! Show some love, share a meal, smile and be grateful.


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