When a woman walks with her head up, they may mistake her confidence for arrogance. In a world where both men and women are struggling for equality, recognition, and a fair ground for survival, you can’t afford to be a snail or a jelly fish.
My day didn’t run out in vain,  because on this edition of spotlight; I explored the world of a young woman who revealed to a great extent what it takes to be a woman without being relegated to the background. Read, and be motivated.
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As the grey
Slowly spread across
The silvery evening blue
Turning the sky a blackish hue.

My eyes are caught
In awe of the beauty
Spiralling across the horizon
As the sky kisses the earth.

The ruffling
Of the wind winding through
The fronds of the palm trees
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In the course of our daily adventure; we will need help, support and some companions to make our journey easier. We feel overwhelmed when we have people we can lean on and this doubles our strength to carry on. Besides, a dancer exhibits greater performance when he or she sees a cheerful audience.

While some can walk alone or strive without any support, there are those who tend to go with the tide, and then drift to wherever the breeze takes them. They have no sense of freedom, and they lick butts just to belong. Since they can’t stand alone, they are always in desperate need of people who will fight their battles and help blow their trumpets. To achieve their aim, they end up forming cliques or joining the wrong crowd.

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The wind of life blows from different directions. Most of the time, it ditches the entertainment circle and strikes us like a strict mentor. In line with mentorship, I was opportune to have a mentor; life coach and political activist share his thoughts on spotlight.

His name is Henry Ikenna Ani. He’s a graduate of Economics from the University of Calabar. He holds a Masters degree in Development Studies from the University of Nigeria, and he currently runs PhD in Development Studies still at the University of Nigeria. Henry is a member of Nigeria institute of Management, and he believes that Gold can never be appreciated in its raw state, but through the terrible heat of the refining process you will appreciate the beauty of the ornament.

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Everything in life plays out like a movie. When we watch a movie we argue and question if it can happen for real. We feel it more when it’s tagged TRUE LIFE STORY. Truth is; everything scripted, acted and produced is a reflection of what some people are going through or have experienced. Movies are beyond the pictures, the faces captured and the voices we hear. THE MESSAGE triumphs over other factors.
Last week, a friend of mine and colleague told me about a movie (from the stable of Forever Movies Studio) titled “MORE TROUBLES”.


The movie was premiered on the 1st of January, 2017 at the KOBB Civic Center Polo Park Shopping Mall Enugu, graced with a huge crowd and audience. My curiosity was fed enormously as the movie encapsulates brief but fantastic dialogues, a story line that depicts originality in all its form, and a great cast such as Bob Manuel Udokwu, Emma Emordi, Sochima Ezeoke, Emeka Onu, Stella Ikwuegwu and a host of others. Continue reading


imageThey tickle our ears with sympathetic eulogy
From the pulpit, they paint our hearts with flamboyant theology.

Sow thy last in faith
Lack is no excuse – tis thy fate.

The greed of the shepherd
The sheep are asked to shoulder
The sheep gladly shoulders.

He is the seer, the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of the one unseen
He is custodian, judge, decider of what constitutes sin‎.

(c) Alan Delta ‘Grow ‎

Alan Delta ‘Grow is a writer, Poet and Thinker. He loves his own company. He’s inspired by pain and sadness, and has been called weird.‎


imageI’ve been away from so many things; the pressure that comes with work and other negative vibes. My holiday was exciting, revealing, and therapeutic. I learnt that wherever your heart is, reflects on your entire being. If all you think of is work and everything tedious, you’ll be worked up. Believe me, we all need a break once in a while; a break from work, from certain thoughts, a particular environment and even from relationships.

This explains why tourists see life differently. Nothing really ties them down because they are like a bird. The more they move and explore the world, the more the secrets of life are revealed. Continue reading