imageI’ve been away from so many things; the pressure that comes with work and other negative vibes. My holiday was exciting, revealing, and therapeutic. I learnt that wherever your heart is, reflects on your entire being. If all you think of is work and everything tedious, you’ll be worked up. Believe me, we all need a break once in a while; a break from work, from certain thoughts, a particular environment and even from relationships.

This explains why tourists see life differently. Nothing really ties them down because they are like a bird. The more they move and explore the world, the more the secrets of life are revealed.
The year 2016 in all its glory and challenges left remarkable lessons in my life, and I’m glad I had to go through a lot in order to face the New Year stronger and better. It’s a wonderful opportunity that I didn’t make it alone, I survived with others.

We sure had a lot of goals to achieve but many or some didn’t pull through. Some of them are still valid; some looks unachievable, but the passion that binds us to our dreams should remain as strong as ever. It’s time you review and revamp your life goals. Make the necessary adjustments. What have you been doing? How have you been pursuing your goals? What has been your manner of approach? These and more are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

This year ushers in a whole new platform; automatically a new race has begun. A lot needs to be changed and it all starts from our thoughts. It’s time you start taking more actions, you’ve dreamt for so long. Its time you start achieving. It’s high time you start living (Of course you know that not everyone that is breathing is actually living). Set attaining goals for yourself, and work on them on daily basis. You will be marveled with the end result,because drops of water can actually fill a big tank.

However, in everything you decide to do differently this year, please add the following to your list: You must stay away from every toxic relationship. You must stay miles away from people who are bent on ruining your happiness. Please, let this year bring back your lost pride. Don’t let your pains and negativities tag along with you. Don’t let anybody tamper with your worth and confidence. This is your life! Own it in every possible way that you can.

Don’t answer every call, pick up the important ones. Don’t follow everybody, you’re not a dog. Plan your daily activities, be ready for opportunities, and don’t just wait. Save more than you spend and be generous only for the right cause. Read more, ask questions, ask for help when you need one, accept constructive criticisms, listen to people’s ideas but always have a mind of your own. The final decision lies with you.

Don’t be ruled. Remember, rulers ruin lives while leaders save lives. Serve in good faith and also lead in good spirit. Learn new things, travel around the world, tour through the internet, and remember, you hold the key to your happiness. Happy New Year, happy new life, and happy new you! Remain blessed.


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