In the course of our daily adventure; we will need help, support and some companions to make our journey easier. We feel overwhelmed when we have people we can lean on and this doubles our strength to carry on. Besides, a dancer exhibits greater performance when he or she sees a cheerful audience.

While some can walk alone or strive without any support, there are those who tend to go with the tide, and then drift to wherever the breeze takes them. They have no sense of freedom, and they lick butts just to belong. Since they can’t stand alone, they are always in desperate need of people who will fight their battles and help blow their trumpets. To achieve their aim, they end up forming cliques or joining the wrong crowd.

Kindly ask yourself; are you a one man soldier or do you normally hide in a group?


It’s disheartening to see a fellow run around like a headless chicken, looking for a little group he or she can hide in just to feel secure. For crying out loud, why would anyone beg to fit in when he or she can stand out?

You see, I have seen cliques of many form and just like many people; I have battled with the fear of standing or walking alone. I have been in situations where I almost joined the long queue of being accepted when I can easily walk miles alone and reach my destination on time. So far, my experiences have taught me to be a team player for a good cause, and not form cliques for selfish reasons. Don’t ever think you need to add another voice to yours for you to be heard. The true test of freedom is standing firm even when the whole world seems to be against you, and it takes strong will and confidence to stand out.


Cliques are everywhere. They are the bullies in school, the oppressors in official places, the inhuman politicians, the hypocrites at churches, gossips in market places, and enemies of mankind.

Just take a moment and reflect on the circle of friends you have, the group or the cliques you’ve formed. Do you guys spend more time building yourselves or do you take turns in tearing people apart with scornful words. Take a look at the bond you share with some of your colleagues; are you building the organization or breeding unhealthy competition? Analyze and see if you’re gradually losing yourself, values, and identity.


I know it gives enormous joy to know that not just one person but a great number of people are watching your back. But I rather walk alone than stay in a large group just to intimidate the minority.

If you ever find yourself as the odd one in an environment where everyone is trying to go with the crowd, do not be intimidated. The cliques may gang up against you, make nasty remarks, and exhibit some cruel and insensitive attitude towards you. But no matter how tough or hard it gets, be unbreakable. Dare to stand for what’s right even if you’re the last man standing. Always wear long sleeves of confidence; let it be your armour. In fact, borrow an elastic heart from Sia and never return it.

Believe me, Cliques can’t drown you. They are bunch of confused weaklings who live each day strategizing on how to prove their allegiances. They are predators, and the pains of their victims are their appetite. These people are gathered in back seats and shouldn’t tell you how to write or share your own story. Be the orator!


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