As the grey
Slowly spread across
The silvery evening blue
Turning the sky a blackish hue.

My eyes are caught
In awe of the beauty
Spiralling across the horizon
As the sky kisses the earth.

The ruffling
Of the wind winding through
The fronds of the palm trees
Resting on the thatched roof.

Reminds me of the sounds
Of your breath against my cheek
Whispering incoherently in my ears
As my lips and teeth tease thy softness.

Playing on those beautiful mounds
Mounted upon thy chest
My fingers buried deep in your
Dark lustrous hair – pulling gently.

Your slim and tender fingers
Caressing – inch by inch
The breadth of my chest
Like a babe dying of thirst.

There’s a surging need
To feel your warmth
To hold you close and inhale your sweet smell
That intoxicates like a fresh palm-wine,

A need to kiss every inch
Of thy soft and succulent flesh
My hands firmly on your body

The beauty of the evening
Suddenly pales out
Obscured by the beauty of you
That has come to crowd my mind.

(C) Alan Delta ‘Grow ‎

Alan Delta ‘Grow is a writer, Poet and Thinker. He loves his own company. He’s inspired by pain and sadness, and has been called weird.‎


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