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imageWhat makes one a coward?
Not finishing what he started or not trying at all?
Should we be labeled weak because we walked miles and decided to pause or change a particular route?
There are other keys in the bunch, can’t I try them out?

If something is no longer working, should we die with it or pull out?
What’s your definition of not giving up?
How do you define strength?
Sweating beyond your pores or knowing your limits?

I have so much tears stored in my eyes, but men and big girls don’t cry right?
Should I be called weak for saying I am tired?
Am I a weakling if I say – I can’t do this anymore?

If I leave that dreadful job, will they say I am impatient?
Should I stick with the violent man or woman because of the vow?
If I fetch the divorce papers, will they judge me?
The weight of this trouble is much, should I still hold on?
I want to walk away from all these, but what will society say?

They say “never give up” , but who are they?
They say keep holding on, but what do they know?
They say endure, but do they know I can hardly breathe?
They say fight the pain, but can they wipe the scars?

Who are these people talking?
Who are you meant to listen to?
Why is your voice so faint?
Who matters the most here: YOU or the WAGGING TONGUES?

Who owns you?
Who are you?
What do you want?

Ask yourself these questions.
Societies were there before you drove in, and will stay after you breathe your last.
Listen to your own voice. Tongues will always wag!
Get your life back!


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