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The days of innocence are so gone. That purity that comes with love is now scarce. It twinkles afar!

This makes me wonder: Is there still a perfect place to find love or a good sign that can detect who is trust worthy?

Things used to be either black or white, but now; everything comes with a shade of colors. It’s hard to love, trust or even care again. It’s almost impossible to believe in anyone.

The eyes used to be a lie detector. You look into people’s eye and you could tell if they harbor rage or happiness. You could tell if they are kind or ruthless. Today, almost everything is a lie; the looks, the smiles, the gentle touch and kisses.

Am I the only one living in utmost fear?

People now kiss with their eyes wide open. People can’t stretch their hands to help anyone because they’re scared of being dragged down. They hug with so much fear of being stabbed in the back, hereby missing the heartbeats.

When we hear ‘I love you‘, we doubt and fear because love has been giving a whole new meaning; something that hurts badly. We keep waiting for signs while beautiful moments pass us by. Slowly, we’re losing the essence of life. It was meant to be lived freely.

What do we need to bring back the lost glory?


All we need is love; the kind of love that is true, and will make us compassionate, kind, and fair to others.

We need that genuine feeling that will flow and make everyone feel safe again. We need to resurrect our conscience. We need a soul that sees value in the existence of others.

Let’s give life a new meaning through love. Let’s bury the anger, grudges, and selfishness in our hearts.  Let love heal us.

Today is all about love. Show some love to those around you. A genuine smile, hug, or a lovely note could be all you need to save a soul today. You mustn’t buy an expensive gift. Share what you have/can afford. All that matters is the pureness of your heart.

We shall learn to live freely, love, and trust again. The fun of life is not in loneliness but in togetherness. Give someone a reason to live and love again.

Happy Valentine!



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