There’s one tough  question for all genuine thinkers. The puzzling question is: Which faith does God belong to?

However, I stand to say there is much distortion by all the faiths about the issues of God. Everyone wants God to exclusively belong to his faith.But if you ask me, God is neither a Christian nor a Muslim.   Faith is a creation of man. This is the paradox of our existence. That is the complexity of the God persona.

Therefore, within my mindset of a liberal Christian, God is God of all. He is light that falls on all to give out all the shades of color we are and see of the world. Without light everything would be dull gray and in darkness. Pass light through a prism and you see the rainbow. If God’s light, otherwise the light of God, falls on any, he becomes truly God-like, no matter where or of which faith he is.

That is why light is the illuminating spectacle it is. It shows the richness of our universal diversity. And so, like the Bahai Faith people would say, “we are all branches of one tree; beautiful flowers of God’s big garden.” That is, many colors of this one LIGHT!

God could not have created this diversity to be mutually antagonistic. He is not an anarchist.

Again it is also safe to say God is nature. And man is part of it. Nature is irreligious. Nature is non racial and non cultural. Nature is non partial and immutable. Therefore, everything you do have consequences; a throwback of cause and effects. It’s inescapable. You cannot doctor nature. You can only study it to understand and align better with it. Any attempt to antagonize nature would lead to the destruction of the aggressor. All the inventions of man are therefore natural existence man only successfully decoded, for good or bad.

(NB: This is without prejudice to any faith)


(c) Wordshot Amaechi Ugwele
#IamWordshot: A writer, DJ, and Radio presenter.




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