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The power is mine!

imageI will admit my failures and weaknesses.

I will talk about my down experiences and moments of darkness.

I will wear my shame and be the first to own it.

I will not give anyone power over my life or control to either blackmail me or make me cower in surrender.

If you have dirts on me, it is because I handed them to you, and there is something that light does to darkness, it drives it away.

I will strive for transparency in my dealings with people.

I will not give room for unhealthy secrecy; the sort that leads to control and manipulation. I will also not make my life a walking dungeon.

I will own up to my errors and I will admit remorse for disappointing the people I love.

I will protect my name but not at the detriment of power, blackmail or abuse.

I will not live my life in fear, fear of being seen as weak or having bits and pieces of ugliness.

I will tame my demons but I won’t deny them or lie about them.

I will rise even if I fall and I will give myself many chances again and again, to be redeemed and to be forgiven.

I am human and perfection is not my goal but I will be honest about my failings and fears.

And when I stumble, falling so deep, I will crawl, slowly, back to the place of grace; in me and around me.

I refuse to be humiliated by my shortcomings and weaknesses. By God, I am owning all of me. No one will have a hold on me or any part of me. That power is mine.


This piece was written by Enwongo Cleopas.


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