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The stereotypes

imageWe can’t continue with this!

Girls are conditioned into guarding their sex/virginity at any cost because giving it away will make them “less human”…just slightly better than dogs. Hence the culture of silence when it comes to rape/molestation.

Boys are subtly taught that to be a man, you have to take it (even when it’s not been offered to you) by hook or by crook. Just take it. Spread your seed. DOMINATE. It’s your God given right.

When these conflicting signals go out, what to expect is nothing short of CHAOTIC ANARCHY with a side of DOOM (Rape and Sexual Molestation).

Humans are free ranging. Very few get proper training or sex education. Very few know jack about their sex or the science of their sexuality.

Girls are told to just not have sex, with no proper orientation as to the WHYs and HOWs. Just don’t even dare get pregnant. YOU’RE DEAD.

Boys are guilted/cajoled/talked into having sex because it’s a male thing. Men must have sex. How can you not have sex? ARE YOU IMPOTENT? THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG SOMEWHERE!

Our girls are told to shush it when they’ve been abused because society will label them unfit for consumption.

Our boys aren’t allowed to speak about sexual abuse because they’re men. Men aren’t supposed to FEEL. YOU’RE A MAN DAMMIT. Grow a pair of cojones.

This is 20-flipping-17.
We must fare better.
We must do better.

We can’t continue with this!


Credit: Adaugo ( Phantom observer)


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