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Let’s Talk About Change


Have you taken out time to imagine how the earth rotates, causing day and night? Have you wondered why the day must break after nightfall and why nothing really last forever?

Think of revolution, which is the earth traveling around the sun. This revolution takes 365 days and brings forth different seasons. This moment it shines, and the next moment it could be raining.

This simply shows that no one loves stagnant water. In order to grow, we must understand the power of change. Things evolve and keep changing. We need to always prepare our minds and be ready to make adjustments when change hits us.

More importantly, we should be able to make the necessary changes when needed. We might not love to leave our comfort zones, but we simply can’t live life waiting for a free or easy ride.

While you are hopeful for the best, change the things you can change. Change your attitude, change your  style, change your job, change your way of life, change your environment, change your status(the Godly way), change your friends if they are not inspiring you, change your mindset if it is negative, change your desires if they are evil, change your dreams if they are selfish, change your ambition if it is inordinate, change your decision if it is not based on love and truth, change your heart if yours is a heart of stone. Change you, change me and let’s change the world for the better.

Seasons change, times change, situations change, circumstances change. Never despair. Change is indeed permanent!



Credit: Chris Enebe




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