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How to be a good radio presenter

how-to-be-an-oapNo profession is easy to excel in. Each has its own fair share of challenges, but we can only traverse where our passion takes us to.

There are really no perfect rules to being a good radio presenter. The tips are nothing compared to practicing or being on the field. 

Here are some essential tips shared by Engr. Kingsley Egbuna (Nna Mehn), one of the renowned radio presenters in Enugu, Nigeria:

Being on radio goes beyond being on air and having an audience. You must possess the ability to project with clear and unambiguous words, and endeavor to engage your listeners. Speak in the language they will understand! According to him, a presenter is someone who can communicate effectively.

You must carve a niche for yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else; be you! Be original and a brand that is unique and acceptable.Be skilled in content development. Do an in-depth research on every subject of discussion and come up with a rich material that will leave your listeners coming back for more.

And while developing contents for a show, ask yourself: who’s my audience and what will interest them? Always consider information that would be most beneficial to your listeners. Also, don’t underrate the importance of research and never make the mistake of going on air without being armed with enough information.

Also, the synopsis of your programme should serve as a guide. When you understand your show and its objective, you’ll know the best way to present your show.

Let local contents lead the way. Tell them what they need to know and don’t impose what you want on them. Their interest and support should be your priority.Finally, he reminded presenters that they are meant to inform, clear doubts and establish facts. Stay informed, because your audience is looking up to you. You’re their mouthpiece, impact on them.

More importantly, Practice! Don’t stop learning.


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