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The Battle Of Marathon

the marathonEndurance is your weapon in this “Battle of Marathon” called life, and the first acid test of your endurance is your ability to read this discourse.

Marathon originated from the Legend of Philippides, the great messenger who announced the defeat of Persia in 490BC. He was said to have run from the Battle of Marathon to Athens without stopping.

In doing this, he exhibited unusual ability to bear pain otherwise known as endurance. Endurance denotes power or strength to continue or last despite stiff or staggering opposition,difficult challenges, protracted delay, or other adverse situations.

Marathon is where you get the most brutal race on earth. It takes a hardy soul to complete marathon races. Some marathon races like the Ultra Marathon and the Barkley Marathon involves running up the mountain through the woods and some rocky terrain, defying storms, snow and weather which sometimes is extremely cold.

Some of the races take about three days to finish, some even more. Only 14 runners have completed the Barkley Marathon since inception in 1985.

It took four years for someone to finish the race in 1989. It took another six years for someone to finish the adjusted distance of 100 miles from the original 55 miles earlier finished by one person in 1989. Others chicken out midway.

Life is no  less a challenge. Life even presents more and tougher hurdles and gives a longer journey. Hence, only a few hardy souls make it to the finish line. Endurance is a critical weapon in this Battle of Marathon. If you must be crowned, you must be strong and tough enough to get to the finish line.


Credit: Chris Enebe




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