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All Over Again


With every rejection or disappointment you encounter in life, you’re tasked with two things: Clinging on to a fresh start or sinking in your rivers of tears.

Setbacks are no picnic. Nothing hurts as bad as losing when you’re so close to winning or achieving something you’ve longed for.It’s like being asked to go back to the drawing board when you’re so close to the finish line. The thoughts of how much time, sweat, tears, and energy poured into it can be demoralizing.

But these things happen; people lose out on deals when they’re so close to seal those deals. Some get a bad call when they’ve already  shared their testimonial cards. That’s life; an unapologetic roller coaster.

However, starting all over again can be used to set better records. Whenever you encounter a demotion, rejection or a setback,  don’t visualize it as a state of hopelessness. See it as a second chance to bounce back better and stronger.  Accept the challenge as an opportunity to prove yourself and exude your passion once more.

Let your past experiences give you an edge. With the lessons you’ve learnt, you should be able to know where the loopholes, the potholes, and the thorns are in order to choose the right path or make the right turn.

The question is; each time you were told you’re best is not good enough, have you asked yourself what the missing link is? Have you figured out what you need to do in other to get it right? Each time you go back to the drawing board, do you end up with the same plan or have you tried something different?

Once you figure out what your lapses are, your shot will meet its target. Why not start today to make things right? Don’t think of those that are far ahead or behind you. The lane is yours, focus on your journey.

Today is your chance to turn your disappointments into series of appointments. Go back to that drawing board and come out with the best plan. Go for it!




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