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Time To Grow

Time to grow2Early this year, I decided to move into a new apartment. In my quest to do this, I sought for the services of a good Estate agent. I asked around and got the contact of this nice, street-smart Estate agent. After terms were agreed upon, he set out to do his job. After two days, he came back with lists of accommodation in my choice areas. I was excited. After the contract, I asked about his job. He explained with so much passion that got me hooked. This dude’s passion for his job was contagious; so contagious that I almost thought about starting an estate management company myself.

As I was already playing with the idea of starting an estate management company, I asked if he has ever considered starting a structured company instead of playing small and local, he went blank. When I pushed further and told him I would give all the necessary business consulting interventions needed, he still gave me various reasons he couldn’t start. I stopped and wondered. This guy is a graduate, street-smart, passionate and skillful. Yet, he finds it difficult to channel his passion into a structured, thriving business. He was comfortable with playing provincial.

After the conversation, it occurred to me that the reason this nice, passionate Estate agent wasn’t able to start a business was not because he didn’t know what to do or who to meet; it was just because he hasn’t grown into it. He hasn’t developed the capacity to think about owning a business. And no matter how hard I try to make him see the big picture, he will never grasp it because he lacked the high level of mind confidence required of entrepreneurs.

The two greatest killers of our confidence to venture into new territories and kick start our ideas into realty are fear and doubt. Fear kills the mind. Doubt kills the man. And these two have been recorded as the two greatest weaknesses of man.

A lot of us are like my Estate agent. We have all the required information, skill, passion and network to launch our beautiful ideas but because we are still crumbling and hiding under the cloaks of fear and doubt; we remain eternally stagnated due to these two idea killers. We fear that the time is not right; we fear that we might not succeed after all; we fear that people will laugh at us. At first, this fear is small. But with time, we feed it so much with our doubts that it becomes a giant monster crippling our ambitions and keeping us under it dreadful weight.

But fear is never a first feeling. Our first feeling is the feeling of love. Remember that there is a love for doing something before the fear of doing what you love creeps in. There is always the love of starting a business, quitting a job or taking a new course before the fear of doing these things creep in. To get back to that point of pushing yourself into great heights, you must get into the point of realization that now is the time to grow and thrive.

Today offers you the opportunity to think, breathe and flourish. Today affords you the opportunity to get out, do more, know more and achieve more. Reading all the business books without starting any business is akin to pointing yourself with your own gun. The best you would do is shooting yourself.

Don’t just read and like this post. This post is to make you think through and make sure you are not like my Estate agent. Don’t give yourself the excuse to remain small and stagnated, because you will always find one. Give yourself a simple reason to play big, you will find all the resources needed for that.

The world is waiting for your manifestation; rise up and give us a reason to celebrate you.


Credit: Richard Chilee


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