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A Brave New World: Faith Is An Attitude

a whole new world

Have you discovered a brave new world beyond the cloud of anger and fear or do you often wonder what’s round the corner, along life’s windy road?

You see, faith is an attitude!

If like me you have observed that life seems to ebb and flow; times of joy and celebration flow in, then out, you’ll understand that life is always up to something[Good/bad] and you should judge nothing before the time.

Everyone faces challenges. Show me a person free from challenges and they’re probably lying in a cemetery somewhere! Facing your weakness should not give rise to worry, and shall not lead to a wringing of the hands in fear and ultimately wrath. Be bold, fearless, and hopeful.

The world is a brave yard and there’s really little or no comfort zone.You must take a walk, a run, or a dive. Don’t turn down the opportunity of an adventure of a life time because of how gloomy today is.

FAITH is that necessary foundation that converts apparent risks into great adventures; hopes into inspiring testimonies and fears of failure into tears of overwhelming joy.

Always have this mindset that what lies ahead is far better and greater. That’s called ” Keeping faith!” Kick off your day walking right. Believe you can beat the odds of life and you will.


Rise regardless!


[Credit: Ekene Nee Okoli]


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