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Consummate Your Work

dream_land_by_dark_demon_lilith-d5eg0itWe live in a dreamland – we wake up wearing Chinua Achebe’s shoes; We mount the podium and receive Wole Shoyinka’s Nobel Prize; we win global attention with Chimamanda Adichie’s charm and even rule the world with Anthony Joshua’s gloves.

We desire the prize but not the price. We want the honour, the ovation, the accolade but at our own terms. We begin but we don’t end; we compete but we do not complete; we dig but we do not persevere – we remain at the surface where in vain many have searched for hidden treasure. We endure but not to the end. 

We work but do not consummate (finish or perfect) our work. We see but not far; we see the little things but are blind to the big picture: we see food on the table, we see big cars, we see siren blaring and clearing our way, we see a mansion with maidens and menservants in a little world where we are the king. 

But we do not see service to humanity; we do not see a legacy for future generation and immortality of our name. That is why we are all jostling and fighting with one another for a (ready) morsel of food rather than digging deep for things that are enduring. 

The stars we dream of paid their dues. They were creative and inventive. They identified a work , started it, finished it and enriched the world with music, movies, works of literature, Arts and scientific inventions instead of impoverishing it in the manner of ordinary men, who with infamy and greed desperately plunder life for nothing but the satisfaction of their selfish soul. 

Let us learn a lesson from Steve King, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Michael Jackson and a host of other great men and women who through painstaking thoroughness emblazoned their names in gold. 

If we have a book in mind or in hand, let’s give it to the world. If we have music or video, let us record and offer it to the world. If we have a creative work in mind or an in invention in heart, let’s perfect the work in the form the world can appreciate and welcome it and with it enrich the world.


Source: Chris Enebe


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