It’s a Busy World

busy-people-If you look closely; life is not as twisted as our minds are. We are the ones turning a little stone into a stumbling block by imagining the worse. We place so much emphasis on every little thing and that creates problem where there is none.

Being self conscious and sensitive is valuable and it’s part of human nature, but it becomes an ordeal once it subdues us to unnecessary tension and anxiety. It becomes a huge problem when we think the world at large is standing still, scrutinizing our every move.   Continue reading


My Words, Steamy and Tasty

steamy & tasty

Let me write you fine


as nuts coated in honey.‎

Let me write you

as I have many others.‎

Let me,‎

for you,


become as a fly

flirting on every feaces,

‎unfaithful to none

faithful to all


‎child of passion -‎

I,‎ child of the evening sky -‎


‎child of the midnight –

‎unsure of the man I am -‎


shaken, ‎


Let me find with you,‎

that which has eluded me –

love -‎

served in China plates

steamy and tasty.




 (c) Alan Delta ‘Grow