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It’s a Busy World

busy-people-If you look closely; life is not as twisted as our minds are. We are the ones turning a little stone into a stumbling block by imagining the worse. We place so much emphasis on every little thing and that creates problem where there is none.

Being self conscious and sensitive is valuable and it’s part of human nature, but it becomes an ordeal once it subdues us to unnecessary tension and anxiety. It becomes a huge problem when we think the world at large is standing still, scrutinizing our every move.  

Why are we quick to feel insecure and uncomfortable when we hear people laughing out loud? Why do we get uncomfortable when one or two people are having a discussion? Why do we see the need to get appraisal from others before we could really appreciate ourselves and what we do?

We live trying to figure out if we have grown to a certain standard that will appeal to people. We do not only think of who’s watching us, we bother on what they think of us and also keep track of the things they say behind our back.

Really, who has that time? Maybe there are few people who like being spectators, but most of the time people are facing their own demons, and barely have time to add more on their shoulders.

You have to stop agreeing with your negative thoughts. It’s very important to realize that you alone are in the best position to define yourself. The way you walk, talk and relate to others all stem from how you feel inside.

If you’re always backed up with this unwavering self confidence, you’ll live and walk with ease. You will save yourself from the troubling thoughts of what anyone thinks about you. Stop being overly conscious; people aren’t paying as much attention to you as you think. Don’t cage yourself or be under pressure over nothing. It’s a busy world, get busy and live right!



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