The days of innocence are so gone. That purity that comes with love is now scarce. It twinkles afar!

This makes me wonder: Is there still a perfect place to find love or a good sign that can detect who is trust worthy?

Things used to be either black or white, but now; everything comes with a shade of colors. It’s hard to love, trust or even care again. It’s almost impossible to believe in anyone.

The eyes used to be a lie detector. You look into people’s eye and you could tell if they harbor rage or happiness. You could tell if they are kind or ruthless. Today, almost everything is a lie; the looks, the smiles, the gentle touch and kisses. Continue reading



imagephoto credit: Tuvia Kings

Today is world radio day: an observance day held annually on 13 February. The theme for the 2017 edition of World Radio Day is “Radio is you!

What does radio mean to you?

This is a day set aside to celebrate radio as a medium; and encourage major networks and community radio to promote access to information, freedom of expression and gender equality over the airwaves. This is your chance to celebrate radio and how it helps shape our lives!

In my younger years, I used to thirst and hunger for an opportunity to air my views and reach wider audience. Continue reading