My Words, Steamy and Tasty

steamy & tasty

Let me write you fine


as nuts coated in honey.‎

Let me write you

as I have many others.‎

Let me,‎

for you,


become as a fly

flirting on every feaces,

‎unfaithful to none

faithful to all


‎child of passion -‎

I,‎ child of the evening sky -‎


‎child of the midnight –

‎unsure of the man I am -‎


shaken, ‎


Let me find with you,‎

that which has eluded me –

love -‎

served in China plates

steamy and tasty.




 (c) Alan Delta ‘Grow




thoughtfulI have on new canvases some colors splash

and though they be without form yet, I hold my

breath -‎


for what form these brushes paint


As with all that’s void and void

meaningless and unimportant

even if things be so ‘cos we judge ’em so Continue reading

Let me speak now!


Let me speak now while I have voice
Let me speak as it seems others may have lost voice
Let me speak because in truth I have no choice
Let me speak because those we chose chose not to speak up for us
Clearly it’s in God we trust
Because no one will help us but us

Let us speak up for only we can help us
Let’s tell our stories
For they have changed the narrative
They’ve concocted a Molotov cocktail
Tales by moonlight
So much creativity that the truth took flight
But we will keep the true version in sight Continue reading