All Over Again


With every rejection or disappointment you encounter in life, you’re tasked with two things: Clinging on to a fresh start or sinking in your rivers of tears.

Setbacks are no picnic. Nothing hurts as bad as losing when you’re so close to winning or achieving something you’ve longed for. Continue reading



imageWhat makes one a coward?
Not finishing what he started or not trying at all?
Should we be labeled weak because we walked miles and decided to pause or change a particular route?
There are other keys in the bunch, can’t I try them out?

If something is no longer working, should we die with it or pull out?
What’s your definition of not giving up?
How do you define strength?
Sweating beyond your pores or knowing your limits?

I have so much tears stored in my eyes, but men and big girls don’t cry right? Continue reading



Is life getting easier or more difficult? Are we walking, rolling, or skating on broken glasses?

There are beautiful people around us, but in their midst are pathetic and helpless people. I see weak people every day. I see those that are tired of breathing.

They wake up each day, wishing for death and also hoping they could find a reason to live again.
They want to end it all but can’t. They toss around their broken and shattered lives, with a voice too faint to scream. Continue reading



When the mind is at war with the heart, air becomes suffocating.
So sad, last night became the last time. All that is left are the memories of the usual spot.

I woke up with my eyes shut. Afraid to face reality; so scared to revisit the thoughts that put me to bed. What do you do with unpleasant memories? Burn or crush them?
Unfortunately, Just like the wind you can’t catch them.
They keep hovering around and won’t leave your head.

Who takes the blame after a fight?
Do you push it on one fellow or blame it on the overflowing emotions?
Really, who should take the blame when anger takes over?
Is it the tipsy brain or the impatient mind? Continue reading



I haven’t seen anything or anyone as loyal, secretive, and faithful as you are. Most nights, I drench you with my tears, fill you with my complaints, and there has never been a time where you let my secret slip through your guard. I laugh, you laugh. I cry, you wail. I’m silent, you’re calm. I’m happy, you glow. You’re just too faithful!

You’re  always there, waiting for me to paint you with my thoughts. Today, more than anything I would want you to respond. Speak to me. Be blunt if you have to… You’ve been quiet for so long. Continue reading



Phew! I’m used to having busy days, but last week was something else.

I came to work on Tuesday(1/11/2016) to produce one of the top-notch  programmes, and an unavoidable event popped up. My plan for that day was to see to the success of the programme, publish something beautiful on my blog, tour through the internet and prepare for my Saturday show. But as usual, life will always remind you to expect the unexpected.

In the midst of the programme, my colleague whispered to me that the General Manager had instructed we go for a training workshop and represent the company, since she had to attend to another seminar  outside town. “Actually she informed me yesterday, but I forgot to tell you. On the other hand, I don’t think I will be going, because I’m not prepared,” She explained.

I was thrown off-balance  and nearly played queued adverts at the wrong time. Continue reading



Oops! There’s so much to do, so much to achieve but time keeps speeding and flying. Sometimes I just want to SCREAM and hold it back for a while, but it keeps ticking.

It has been a BUSY WEEK for me. Working and blogging at the same time has been double HEAT and PLEASURE.  At the same time, this forum has given me the chance to value the concept of time management, discipline, consistency and creativity.  I’ve been telling anyone that cares to listen that I have a blog and the reception has been motivating. I have been giggling like a teenager in love ever since. The experience has been brilliant; from trying to publish contents with little or no grammatical errors, to beating down my anxiety on people’s perception of my posts, it has been great. Continue reading