When a woman walks with her head up, they may mistake her confidence for arrogance. In a world where both men and women are struggling for equality, recognition, and a fair ground for survival, you can’t afford to be a snail or a jelly fish.
My day didn’t run out in vain,  because on this edition of spotlight; I explored the world of a young woman who revealed to a great extent what it takes to be a woman without being relegated to the background. Read, and be motivated.
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The wind of life blows from different directions. Most of the time, it ditches the entertainment circle and strikes us like a strict mentor. In line with mentorship, I was opportune to have a mentor; life coach and political activist share his thoughts on spotlight.

His name is Henry Ikenna Ani. He’s a graduate of Economics from the University of Calabar. He holds a Masters degree in Development Studies from the University of Nigeria, and he currently runs PhD in Development Studies still at the University of Nigeria. Henry is a member of Nigeria institute of Management, and he believes that Gold can never be appreciated in its raw state, but through the terrible heat of the refining process you will appreciate the beauty of the ornament.

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I have this friend who doesn’t freak out easily, no matter what happens. He tells me that the worst case scenario in life is being too afraid to try or venture into new things. He is a young executive producer, and capturing the beauty of life through the lens of camera is his forte.

Today on spotlight, feel the words of a young man who spoke from the depth of his heart.

imageWHO HE IS

“I am Chimaobi Anthony Okpala. I am a Nigerian, from Anambra state; in Orumba north local government area. I’m from a close-knit family. My father is late. I’m blessed with the warmth and love of my only brother and mother.” said Chimaobi

“Would you consider the death of your father as the lowest point in your life?” I thoughtfully asked.

“Yes, it wasn’t easy. It happened when I was quite young but I can still remember everything. It’s still so clear, like…”

I had to cut in, because he was getting a bit emotional.

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There’s no better way to celebrate people than to appreciate and put them in the spotlight. Few days after I started blogging, I approached her for an interview. She’s quite blunt and unapologetic when it comes to airing her views. She asked why I would want to interview her, and I told her that I desire to celebrate people who have changed lives in their own little way. She was extremely pleased and the interview was booked instantly.
At the appointed time, I went into her office. She sat on a swingy chair with her legs crossed, waiting patiently for me to throw the first question at her. I tried cracking a few jokes just to ease the tension, but she checked the time and stared at me.  Instantly , I grabbed my recorder and my first ever blog interview was launched!


Sandra Ezinne Ukeje is a Nigerian who hails from Abia state. While introducing herself she said, “I’m blessed to have wonderful parents and siblings. They mean so much to me.  I love everything lovable, but can run miles away from anything as awful as body odor. It turns me off!” Continue reading