No more excuses!


I am writing this from the deepest part of my heart and I am concerned because we are raising a generation of people, especially believers who rather than take responsibility for their mistakes, failings and errors, turn around to blame the devil and someone else.

Actually, the devil does not break down doors. If the devil has access in your life, you gave him that opening, no matter how small such opening may be.
Light does not enter a room except there is a crack somewhere or an opening. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Change


Have you taken out time to imagine how the earth rotates, causing day and night? Have you wondered why the day must break after nightfall and why nothing really last forever?

Think of revolution, which is the earth traveling around the sun. This revolution takes 365 days and brings forth different seasons. This moment it shines, and the next moment it could be raining.

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A long read but deep! Admit your unhappiness


I used to live on the Lagos Mainland while working on the Island. I left for work at 7am then 6am and finally 5am as the traffic situation got worse each year.

A friend reminded me that I was addicted to Red Bull and coffee in those days. I rarely saw daylight. I would leave home before daybreak and return after sunset. I needed something to keep me awake during the day. Continue reading