The Power Of ‘NO’


That’s one of the most powerful words in existence; just two letters in the English Language. You may not even need to vocalise it. Moving your head sideways a couple of times or waving your hand a certain way, will bear the same weight as saying it.

But for many people, it is one of the most difficult words to say. The reason is very simple. Behind every No is an expensive, hard-to-find commodity known as Will Power.

It is way more expensive than money can afford, way too dear to be transferred from an individual to another, way too fragile to be handled without the utmost care. My youngest sister made me understand will power in the way she fearlessly wielded it, calm but firm to the bones.

As long as the earth remaineth, it is IMPOSSIBLE that pressures cease to come. You will be buffeted on every side. Your resoluteness in whatever you set out to do will be tested. Peer pressure will wrap its palm firmly round your neck.
Nay-Sayers will visit you. They will clothe themselves in cloaks of care and sympathy.

“We care about you. We care about you.” their lips would say, while their hearts echo “Where do you think you are going, leaving us here?”

Will Power is one attribute you have to develop, dear young person. It doesn’t come in a day, because you have to grow it, feed it, and nurture it. Will power is that courage that makes you move against the tide in spite of the fears in your heart, the many voices in your head, and the sneers of the public.

You do not need long speeches to get out of a toxic relationship. All you need is Will Power. The guts to look that young man or woman squarely in the eye and say “We are done here.”

You do not need the backing of the entire world to start your business. All you need is Will Power.
No will power, no self-restraint. Hardly a recipe for success. Friends, let’s feed the strength of our will today. Be upwardly persistent, and by that I mean doggedness in doing what is right, for there is such a thing as being downwardly persistent, which thing has led millions to their early graves.

There is a reason God said to Joshua, again and again: “Be thou strong and very courageous.” Again I say, be upwardly persistent.
Strengthen your will power today.





Credit: Uju Okorie


The power is mine!

imageI will admit my failures and weaknesses.

I will talk about my down experiences and moments of darkness.

I will wear my shame and be the first to own it.

I will not give anyone power over my life or control to either blackmail me or make me cower in surrender.

If you have dirts on me, it is because I handed them to you, and there is something that light does to darkness, it drives it away. Continue reading



In the course of our daily adventure; we will need help, support and some companions to make our journey easier. We feel overwhelmed when we have people we can lean on and this doubles our strength to carry on. Besides, a dancer exhibits greater performance when he or she sees a cheerful audience.

While some can walk alone or strive without any support, there are those who tend to go with the tide, and then drift to wherever the breeze takes them. They have no sense of freedom, and they lick butts just to belong. Since they can’t stand alone, they are always in desperate need of people who will fight their battles and help blow their trumpets. To achieve their aim, they end up forming cliques or joining the wrong crowd.

Kindly ask yourself; are you a one man soldier or do you normally hide in a group? Continue reading