Consummate Your Work

dream_land_by_dark_demon_lilith-d5eg0itWe live in a dreamland – we wake up wearing Chinua Achebe’s shoes; We mount the podium and receive Wole Shoyinka’s Nobel Prize; we win global attention with Chimamanda Adichie’s charm and even rule the world with Anthony Joshua’s gloves.

We desire the prize but not the price. Continue reading


Time To Grow

Time to grow2Early this year, I decided to move into a new apartment. In my quest to do this, I sought for the services of a good Estate agent. I asked around and got the contact of this nice, street-smart Estate agent. After terms were agreed upon, he set out to do his job. After two days, he came back with lists of accommodation in my choice areas. I was excited. After the contract, I asked about his job. He explained with so much passion that got me hooked. Continue reading

No more excuses!


I am writing this from the deepest part of my heart and I am concerned because we are raising a generation of people, especially believers who rather than take responsibility for their mistakes, failings and errors, turn around to blame the devil and someone else.

Actually, the devil does not break down doors. If the devil has access in your life, you gave him that opening, no matter how small such opening may be.
Light does not enter a room except there is a crack somewhere or an opening. Continue reading