thoughtfulI have on new canvases some colors splash

and though they be without form yet, I hold my

breath -‎


for what form these brushes paint


As with all that’s void and void

meaningless and unimportant

even if things be so ‘cos we judge ’em so Continue reading




Oops! There’s so much to do, so much to achieve but time keeps speeding and flying. Sometimes I just want to SCREAM and hold it back for a while, but it keeps ticking.

It has been a BUSY WEEK for me. Working and blogging at the same time has been double HEAT and PLEASURE.  At the same time, this forum has given me the chance to value the concept of time management, discipline, consistency and creativity.  I’ve been telling anyone that cares to listen that I have a blog and the reception has been motivating. I have been giggling like a teenager in love ever since. The experience has been brilliant; from trying to publish contents with little or no grammatical errors, to beating down my anxiety on people’s perception of my posts, it has been great. Continue reading


What a candid discussion can do!Placeholder ImageI had a heart to heart discussion last week, with an intelligent lady who used to be my colleague. She resigned few weeks ago, but fate gave us a chance to meet again and that meeting was spectacular.

I’ve always known her as a drama queen, but beyond whom I thought she was lies a real, nice, deep, and creative being. From a distance she seems unapproachable, but if you manage to come close, you’ll realize how lovely and less complicated she is. Continue reading