A Brave New World: Faith Is An Attitude

a whole new world

Have you discovered a brave new world beyond the cloud of anger and fear or do you often wonder what’s round the corner, along life’s windy road?

You see, faith is an attitude! Continue reading




There’s one tough  question for all genuine thinkers. The puzzling question is: Which faith does God belong to?

However, I stand to say there is much distortion by all the faiths about the issues of God. Everyone wants God to exclusively belong to his faith. Continue reading


imageThey tickle our ears with sympathetic eulogy
From the pulpit, they paint our hearts with flamboyant theology.

Sow thy last in faith
Lack is no excuse – tis thy fate.

The greed of the shepherd
The sheep are asked to shoulder
The sheep gladly shoulders.

He is the seer, the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of the one unseen
He is custodian, judge, decider of what constitutes sin‎.

(c) Alan Delta ‘Grow ‎

Alan Delta ‘Grow is a writer, Poet and Thinker. He loves his own company. He’s inspired by pain and sadness, and has been called weird.‎


What do you do with a beautiful morning?


It’s a beautiful day! Even when I don’t know what life will throw at me, I always live by FAITH. Life keeps us in deep suspense, but I try not to allow the fear of the unknown to hold me back. It’s not an easy feat though. Well, I slept quite late, but was the first to rise. The anticipation of what I’ll be sharing with people overwhelmed me.😃

This whole new experience has actually taught me that we are ever ready to live and face each day, ONLY when we look forward to something we’re passionate about. Continue reading