When the mind is at war with the heart, air becomes suffocating.
So sad, last night became the last time. All that is left are the memories of the usual spot.

I woke up with my eyes shut. Afraid to face reality; so scared to revisit the thoughts that put me to bed. What do you do with unpleasant memories? Burn or crush them?
Unfortunately, Just like the wind you can’t catch them.
They keep hovering around and won’t leave your head.

Who takes the blame after a fight?
Do you push it on one fellow or blame it on the overflowing emotions?
Really, who should take the blame when anger takes over?
Is it the tipsy brain or the impatient mind? Continue reading



imageThese words—“LET’S END THIS” will always leave a vigorous memory behind . No matter the agreement or how it ended, no one love goodbyes.
You try to clean up all traces, but you can’t seem to wipe off the footprint of certain memories from your mind. Break ups make the sound of love so horrible and painful.

Nevertheless, I think the journey of life is incomplete without love. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it will surely slip into your life. It’s an over flogged ideal, yet we suck up to it. Continue reading