Everything in life plays out like a movie. When we watch a movie we argue and question if it can happen for real. We feel it more when it’s tagged TRUE LIFE STORY. Truth is; everything scripted, acted and produced is a reflection of what some people are going through or have experienced. Movies are beyond the pictures, the faces captured and the voices we hear. THE MESSAGE triumphs over other factors.
Last week, a friend of mine and colleague told me about a movie (from the stable of Forever Movies Studio) titled “MORE TROUBLES”.


The movie was premiered on the 1st of January, 2017 at the KOBB Civic Center Polo Park Shopping Mall Enugu, graced with a huge crowd and audience. My curiosity was fed enormously as the movie encapsulates brief but fantastic dialogues, a story line that depicts originality in all its form, and a great cast such as Bob Manuel Udokwu, Emma Emordi, Sochima Ezeoke, Emeka Onu, Stella Ikwuegwu and a host of others. Continue reading