All Over Again


With every rejection or disappointment you encounter in life, you’re tasked with two things: Clinging on to a fresh start or sinking in your rivers of tears.

Setbacks are no picnic. Nothing hurts as bad as losing when you’re so close to winning or achieving something you’ve longed for. Continue reading




Do you get highly agitated when things don’t occur when you want them to happen? If at all you do, does your impatience solve your problems or does it multiply them?

I think most of the mistakes I have made in life are out of impatience. I have been holding onto the “now or never” syndrome for so long. But series of experience keep teaching me that “now or later” also works. The fear of losing an opportunity fuels my impatience and leaves me desperate. When I desire something, tomorrow seems to be far away. Waiting seems to be a mission impossible. I do all it takes to have it. I would want to talk that talk or make that move instantly. I’m always eager to get things over and done with. I ignore every second thought, advice or suggestions. For me, it’s either now or never.

This act of impatience has failed more than it has worked for me. Most of the time it makes me produce half bake things or run into the wrong track. I end up going back to the drawing board, starting afresh or regretting what my impatience has caused me. Continue reading