There’s no better way to celebrate people than to appreciate and put them in the spotlight. Few days after I started blogging, I approached her for an interview. She’s quite blunt and unapologetic when it comes to airing her views. She asked why I would want to interview her, and I told her that I desire to celebrate people who have changed lives in their own little way. She was extremely pleased and the interview was booked instantly.
At the appointed time, I went into her office. She sat on a swingy chair with her legs crossed, waiting patiently for me to throw the first question at her. I tried cracking a few jokes just to ease the tension, but she checked the time and stared at me.  Instantly , I grabbed my recorder and my first ever blog interview was launched!


Sandra Ezinne Ukeje is a Nigerian who hails from Abia state. While introducing herself she said, “I’m blessed to have wonderful parents and siblings. They mean so much to me.  I love everything lovable, but can run miles away from anything as awful as body odor. It turns me off!” Continue reading