A Luta Continua

life2Dear life, I’m not tired of you yet, of your swindling. I’m not tired of the surprises. Aren’t this what dreams are made of, uncertainties, brokenness and sometimes, triumph?

I came here with no hint of what I would meet. Each step I took at growing older, you became revealing.

You showed your wit. Sometimes I understood. Other times I just stood lost and watched in bewilderment. Continue reading




Is life getting easier or more difficult? Are we walking, rolling, or skating on broken glasses?

There are beautiful people around us, but in their midst are pathetic and helpless people. I see weak people every day. I see those that are tired of breathing.

They wake up each day, wishing for death and also hoping they could find a reason to live again.
They want to end it all but can’t. They toss around their broken and shattered lives, with a voice too faint to scream. Continue reading